About Us

Our function as a ticketing software is to help, support and to work more efficiently – We help entertainment organizations to get relief from the extra burden of calculating the revenues, customers retention and other related issues with ticketing. We also focus in improving the event brand image that gives an additional boost to the business and your entertainment company with an aggressive competitive technology with an amazing business model.

Sell ​​to your customers through your own channels – don’t allow third parties to stay with the leading role. With Event Inside you can have your own website and mobile application,  this way when you sell to your customers your brand is the star.

Allow your audience to purchase tickets from their mobile device. Currently, the mobile market accounts for most of the attention of users who consume on the internet and it is expected that in the coming years this trend will continue to grow.

With the information gathered in the platform, strategies will be carried out in digital marketing through different channel. That will help to generate traction towards the brand and will allow positioning the brand in different digital aspects.

The databases of the brand, will allow us to make a successful market segmentation, which will help at the time of conducting different marketing strategies as well as getting to know in detail your customer.

Sell ​​online with all available payment methods, our system will automatically validate payments with different financial entities and send the ticket to the customer’s email.

Be in control of your success – Event Inside gives you statistics of your sales – find out which markets buy more, what days you make more sales, how many people have entered to see your events, what shopping history they have in the past, what music they like, what Artist are of interest, what Genres are of interest, Buying power, etc – export all sales made in .xls and understand with DATA how you business evolves through time.

Provide a unique experience to your client understanding their interests and transactions before and during the event.

Our Services

What you will get and the benefits ?

We take care of managing the platform, set-up the events, generate the reports, update the content and keep all your channels up to date, this way you can focus on making the event a success.

The team of EI will be in charge of the check-in at the entrance of the event with the ID, the bar code or with the ticket number (NO Internet required). Our team will provide all the necessary equipment to complete the transaction.